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Anime Dual Audio Dual Audio- (Hin+Eng) Hindi Dubbbed Our POST

Digimon Adventure: (2020 TV Series) Hindi Subbed Episodes Download (1080p FHD)

On August 1, 1999, seven youngsters are shipped into the Digital World by Digivices that showed up before them at day camp, where they become a close acquaintence with a few Digimon (Digital Monsters). The children’s Digivices permit their accomplice Digimon to Digivolve into more grounded structures and battle adversaries. As the children investigate to discover a way home, they discover that they are “DigiDestined”, youngsters picked to spare the Digital World.
In the wake of crushing Devimon, the DigiDestined are reached by Gennai, who advises them to venture out to the Server Continent to recover antiquities called Crests, which permits their Digimon accomplices to Digivolve past their present level. Subsequent to overcoming Etemon, the DigiDestined are tortured by Myotismon, who endeavors to keep them from utilizing the intensity of Crests. Myotismon scans for the eighth DigiDestined in the human world, and the Digidestined and their Digimon come back to the human world likewise to locate the eighth youngster first. This eighth kid is before long discovered to be Tai’s more youthful sister, Kari. When Myotismon uncovers his actual structure, Agumon and Gabumon accomplish Mega structures through Warp Digivolution to crush him.

At the point when the limits between the human and Digital Worlds start to converge, the DigiDestined come back to the Digital World to confront the Dark Masters, who have each assumed responsibility for a piece of the Digital World. Amidst their fights, they discover that they were picked to spare the human and Digital Worlds from experiencing Digimon in the human world four years back. Be that as it may, pressure prompts infighting inside the gathering and makes them briefly discrete. Subsequent to mirroring, the DigiDestined rejoin to vanquish Piedmon, the last Dark Master, and stand up to Apocalymon, who endeavors to annihilate the two universes. Apocalymon demolishes their Crests, yet the DigiDestined understand the intensity of their Crests were inside them from the beginning and use them to crush him. With the Digital World reestablished, Tai and his companions abandon their Digimon accomplices and come back to their ordinary lives.

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Digimon Adventure: (2020 TV Series) Hindi Subbed

Name: Digimon Adventure: (2020)
Language: Japanese with Hindi/Urdu Subbed
Year: 2020
Quality: 1080p FHD, 720p HD
Size: 100-150 MB (720p), 300-400 MB (1080p)
Subbed by: ToonNetworkPakistan
Encoding by: ToonNetworkPakistan

Episodes List Hindi Sub

Episode 01 – Tokyo Digital Crisis!
1080p:  GDTot |  TNP Server |  YuuDrive
720p:  GDTot |  TNP Server |  YuuDrive | MEGA
Episode 02 – War Game!
1080p:  GDTot |  TNP Server |  YuuDrive
720p:  GDTot |  TNP Server |  YuuDrive | MEGA

Episode 03 – And to the Digital World!
1080p:  GDTot |  TNP Server |  YuuDrive | MEGA
720p:  GDTot |  TNP Server |  YuuDrive

Episode 04 – Birdramon Soars!
1080p:  YuuDrive |  GDToT |  BayFiles |  GoFile |  TNPServer 
720p:  YuuDrive |  GDToT |  BayFiles |  GoFile |  TNPServer  | MEGA

Episode 05 – The Holy Digimon!
1080p:  YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles |  Gofile |  TNPSERVER 
720p:  YuuDrive |  GDToT |  Bayfiles | TNPSERVER | MEGA

Episode 06 – The Targeted Kingdom!
1080p:  YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles |  GoFile |  TNPServer
720p:  YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles |  Gofile |  TNPServer | MEGA

Episode 07 – That Boy is Joe Kido!
1080p:  YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles 
720p:  YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles  | MEGA

Episode 8 – The Children’s Attack on The Fortress!
1080p:  YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles 
720p:  MEGA | YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles 
480p: YuuDrive |  GDTot |  Bayfiles 

Episode 9 – The Ultimate Digimon Attacks!  New
720p:  MEGA

Episode 10 – The Super Evolution of Steel! New
720p:  MEGAEpisode
11 – The Man Who Increases The Energy! New720p:  MEGA

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